DescriptionThe PDF reader in Mozilla Firefox before 39.0.3, Firefox ESR 38.x before 38.1.1, and Firefox OS before 2.2 allows remote attackers to bypass the Same Origin Policy, and read arbitrary files or gain privileges, via vectors involving crafted JavaScript code and a native setter, as exploited in the wild in August 2015.
SourceCVE (at NVD; CERT, LWN, oss-sec, fulldisc, bugtraq, EDB, Metasploit, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Gentoo, SUSE bugzilla/CVE, Mageia, GitHub code/issues, web search, more)
NVD severitymedium (attack range: remote)

Vulnerable and fixed packages

The table below lists information on source packages.

Source PackageReleaseVersionStatus
pdf.js (PTS)jessie1.0.907+dfsg-1+deb8u1fixed
sid, stretch1.5.188+dfsg-1fixed

The information below is based on the following data on fixed versions.

PackageTypeReleaseFixed VersionUrgencyOriginDebian Bugs
iceweaselsourcejessie(not affected)
iceweaselsourcesqueeze(not affected)
iceweaselsourcewheezy(not affected)


[jessie] - iceweasel <not-affected> (Only affects 38.x ESR and 39)
[wheezy] - iceweasel <not-affected> (Only affects 38.x ESR and 39)
[squeeze] - iceweasel <not-affected> (Only affects 38.x ESR and 39)
for jessie: xul-ext-pdf.js binary package build was removed

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