Reporting discrepancies in the data

The data in this tracker is always in flux, as bugs are fixed and new issues disclosed, the data contained herein is updated. We strive to maintain complete and accurate state information, and appreciate any updates in status, information or new issues.

There are three ways that you can report updates to this information:

  1. IRC: We can be found at, #debian-security. If you have information to report, please go ahead and join the channel and tell us. Please feel free to state the issue, regardless if there is someone who has acknowledged you. Many of us idle on this channel and may not be around when you join, but we read the backlog and will see what you have said. If you require a response, do not forget to let us know how to get a hold of you.

  2. Mailing list: Our mailing list is:

  3. Helping out: We welcome people who wish to join us in tracking issues. The process is designed to be easy to learn and participate, please read our Introduction to get familiar with how things work. Join us on our mailing list, and on IRC and request to be added to the Salsa project. We are really quite friendly. If you have a question about how things work, don't be afraid to ask, we would like to improve our documentation and procedures, so feedback is welcome.

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