Descriptionswt/motif/browser.c in White_dune (aka whitedune) 0.30.10 does not validate strings before launching the program specified by the BROWSER environment variable, which might allow remote attackers to conduct argument-injection attacks via a crafted URL. NOTE: This issue is being disputed as not being a vulnerability because “the current version of white_dune (1.369 at do not use a "BROWSER environment variable". Instead, the "browser" variable is read from the $HOME/.dunerc file (or from the M$Windows registry). It is configurable in the "options" menu. The default is chosen in the ./configure script, which tests various programs, first tested is "xdg-open".
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Source PackageReleaseVersionStatus
whitedune (PTS)sid, buster, bookworm, bullseye0.30.10-2.2vulnerable

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