DescriptionIn the Linux kernel, the following vulnerability has been resolved: KVM: SVM: Make sure GHCB is mapped before updating Access to the GHCB is mainly in the VMGEXIT path and it is known that the GHCB will be mapped. But there are two paths where it is possible the GHCB might not be mapped. The sev_vcpu_deliver_sipi_vector() routine will update the GHCB to inform the caller of the AP Reset Hold NAE event that a SIPI has been delivered. However, if a SIPI is performed without a corresponding AP Reset Hold, then the GHCB might not be mapped (depending on the previous VMEXIT), which will result in a NULL pointer dereference. The svm_complete_emulated_msr() routine will update the GHCB to inform the caller of a RDMSR/WRMSR operation about any errors. While it is likely that the GHCB will be mapped in this situation, add a safe guard in this path to be certain a NULL pointer dereference is not encountered.
SourceCVE (at NVD; CERT, LWN, oss-sec, fulldisc, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Gentoo, SUSE bugzilla/CVE, GitHub advisories/code/issues, web search, more)

Vulnerable and fixed packages

The table below lists information on source packages.

Source PackageReleaseVersionStatus
linux (PTS)buster4.19.249-2fixed
buster (security)4.19.304-1fixed
bullseye (security)5.10.216-1fixed
bookworm (security)6.1.90-1fixed

The information below is based on the following data on fixed versions.

PackageTypeReleaseFixed VersionUrgencyOriginDebian Bugs
linuxsource(unstable)(not affected)


- linux <not-affected> (Vulnerable code not present) (5.13-rc1)

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