Descriptioncrossbeam-utils provides atomics, synchronization primitives, scoped threads, and other utilities for concurrent programming in Rust. crossbeam-utils prior to version 0.8.7 incorrectly assumed that the alignment of `{i,u}64` was always the same as `Atomic{I,U}64`. However, the alignment of `{i,u}64` on a 32-bit target can be smaller than `Atomic{I,U}64`. This can cause unaligned memory accesses and data race. Crates using `fetch_*` methods with `AtomicCell<{i,u}64>` are affected by this issue. 32-bit targets without `Atomic{I,U}64` and 64-bit targets are not affected by this issue. This has been fixed in crossbeam-utils 0.8.7. There are currently no known workarounds.
SourceCVE (at NVD; CERT, LWN, oss-sec, fulldisc, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Gentoo, SUSE bugzilla/CVE, GitHub advisories/code/issues, web search, more)

Vulnerable and fixed packages

The table below lists information on source packages.

Source PackageReleaseVersionStatus
rust-crossbeam-utils (PTS)buster0.6.5-1vulnerable
sid, trixie0.8.19-1fixed

The information below is based on the following data on fixed versions.

PackageTypeReleaseFixed VersionUrgencyOriginDebian Bugs


[bullseye] - rust-crossbeam-utils <no-dsa> (Minor issue)
[buster] - rust-crossbeam-utils <no-dsa> (Minor issue)

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