DescriptionIn the Linux kernel, the following vulnerability has been resolved: mm: slub: fix flush_cpu_slab()/__free_slab() invocations in task context. Commit 5a836bf6b09f ("mm: slub: move flush_cpu_slab() invocations __free_slab() invocations out of IRQ context") moved all flush_cpu_slab() invocations to the global workqueue to avoid a problem related with deactivate_slab()/__free_slab() being called from an IRQ context on PREEMPT_RT kernels. When the flush_all_cpu_locked() function is called from a task context it may happen that a workqueue with WQ_MEM_RECLAIM bit set ends up flushing the global workqueue, this will cause a dependency issue. workqueue: WQ_MEM_RECLAIM nvme-delete-wq:nvme_delete_ctrl_work [nvme_core] is flushing !WQ_MEM_RECLAIM events:flush_cpu_slab WARNING: CPU: 37 PID: 410 at kernel/workqueue.c:2637 check_flush_dependency+0x10a/0x120 Workqueue: nvme-delete-wq nvme_delete_ctrl_work [nvme_core] RIP: 0010:check_flush_dependency+0x10a/0x120[ 453.262125] Call Trace: __flush_work.isra.0+0xbf/0x220 ? __queue_work+0x1dc/0x420 flush_all_cpus_locked+0xfb/0x120 __kmem_cache_shutdown+0x2b/0x320 kmem_cache_destroy+0x49/0x100 bioset_exit+0x143/0x190 blk_release_queue+0xb9/0x100 kobject_cleanup+0x37/0x130 nvme_fc_ctrl_free+0xc6/0x150 [nvme_fc] nvme_free_ctrl+0x1ac/0x2b0 [nvme_core] Fix this bug by creating a workqueue for the flush operation with the WQ_MEM_RECLAIM bit set.
SourceCVE (at NVD; CERT, LWN, oss-sec, fulldisc, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Gentoo, SUSE bugzilla/CVE, GitHub advisories/code/issues, web search, more)

Vulnerable and fixed packages

The table below lists information on source packages.

Source PackageReleaseVersionStatus
linux (PTS)buster4.19.249-2fixed
buster (security)4.19.304-1fixed
bullseye (security)5.10.216-1fixed
bookworm (security)6.1.90-1fixed

The information below is based on the following data on fixed versions.

PackageTypeReleaseFixed VersionUrgencyOriginDebian Bugs
linuxsourcebuster(not affected)
linuxsourcebullseye(not affected)


[bullseye] - linux <not-affected> (Vulnerable code not present)
[buster] - linux <not-affected> (Vulnerable code not present) (6.0-rc7)

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