Unknown packages

Sometimes, a package referenced in a bug report cannot be found in the database. This can be the result of a spelling error, or a historic entry refers to a package which is no longer in the archive.

llvm-toolchain-snapshotCVE-2013-7171, CVE-2014-2893, CVE-2015-2305
python3.10CVE-2015-20107, CVE-2020-10735, CVE-2021-28861, CVE-2021-4189, CVE-2022-26488, CVE-2022-37454, CVE-2022-42919, CVE-2022-45061, CVE-2023-27043, CVE-2023-33595, CVE-2023-38898, CVE-2023-40217, CVE-2023-41105, CVE-2023-6507, CVE-2023-6597, CVE-2024-0450

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