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Available versions

jessie (security)3.6-rzb2752+dfsg-5+deb8u1

Open issues

CVE-2017-18375vulnerable (no DSA)Ampache 3.8.3 allows PHP Object Instantiation via democratic.ajax.php ...

Resolved issues

TEMP-0000000-79CB2Campache DoS and CSRF
CVE-2019-12386An issue was discovered in Ampache through 3.9.1. A stored XSS exists ...
CVE-2019-12385An issue was discovered in Ampache through 3.9.1. The search engine is ...
CVE-2008-4796The _httpsrequest function (Snoopy/Snoopy.class.php) in Snoopy 1.2.3 a ... in Ampache 3.4.1 allows local users to overwrite ar ...
CVE-2007-4438Session fixation vulnerability in Ampache before allows remote ...
CVE-2007-4437SQL injection vulnerability in albums.php in Ampache before al ...

Security announcements

DSA / DLADescription
DLA-1988-1ampache - security update

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