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Resolved issues

TEMP-0603436-5CA466pam_pgsql overflow
CVE-2013-0191libpam-pgsql (aka pam_pgsql) 0.7 does not properly handle a NULL value ...
CVE-2008-2516pam_sm_authenticate in pam_pgsql.c in libpam-pgsql 0.6.3 does not prop ...
CVE-2004-0366SQL injection vulnerability in the libpam-pgsql library before 0.5.2 a ...
CVE-2003-0672Format string vulnerability in pam-pgsql 0.5.2 and earlier allows remo ...

Security announcements

DSA / DLADescription
DSA-2173-1pam-pgsql - buffer overflow
DSA-469pam-pgsql - missing input sanitising
DSA-370pam-pgsql - format string

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