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Resolved issues

CVE-2018-6594lib/Crypto/PublicKey/ in PyCrypto through 2.6.1 generates we ...
CVE-2013-7459Heap-based buffer overflow in the ALGnew function in block_templace.c ...
CVE-2013-1445The Crypto.Random.atfork function in PyCrypto before 2.6.1 does not pr ...
CVE-2012-2417PyCrypto before 2.6 does not produce appropriate prime numbers when us ...
CVE-2009-0544Buffer overflow in the PyCrypto ARC2 module 2.0.1 allows remote attack ...

Security announcements

DSA / DLADescription
DLA-1283-2python-crypto - security update
DLA-1283-1python-crypto - security update
DLA-773-4python-crypto - update
DLA-773-3python-crypto - regression update
DLA-773-2python-crypto - regression update
DLA-773-1python-crypto - security update
DSA-2781-1python-crypto - PRNG not correctly reseeded in some situations
DSA-2502-1python-crypto - programming error
DSA-1726-1python-crypto - denial of service

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