Packages that may be vulnerable but need to be checked (undetermined issues)

This page lists packages that may or may not be affected by known issues. This means that some additional work needs to be done to determined whether the package is actually vulnerable or not. This list is a good area for new contributors to make quick and meaningful contributions.

ffmpegCVE-2016-8710An exploitable heap write out of bounds vulnerability exists in the ...sid, stretch
glassfishCVE-2012-3155Unspecified vulnerability in the CORBA ORB component in Sun GlassFish ...jessie, sid, stretch, wheezy
kfreebsd-10CVE-2014-7250The TCP stack in 4.3BSD Net/2, as used in FreeBSD 5.4, NetBSD possibly ...jessie, sid, stretch, wheezy, wheezy
kodiTEMP-0000000-9FAB83Kodi Cross-Site Request Forgerysid, stretch
libavCVE-2015-6761The update_dimensions function in libavcodec/vp8.c in FFmpeg through ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2015-6818The decode_ihdr_chunk function in libavcodec/pngdec.c in FFmpeg before ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2015-6819Multiple integer underflows in the ff_mjpeg_decode_frame function in ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2015-6820The ff_sbr_apply function in libavcodec/aacsbr.c in FFmpeg before ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2015-6821The ff_mpv_common_init function in libavcodec/mpegvideo.c in FFmpeg ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2015-6822The destroy_buffers function in libavcodec/sanm.c in FFmpeg before ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2015-6823The allocate_buffers function in libavcodec/alac.c in FFmpeg before ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2015-6824The sws_init_context function in libswscale/utils.c in FFmpeg before ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2015-6825The ff_frame_thread_init function in libavcodec/pthread_frame.c in ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2015-6826The ff_rv34_decode_init_thread_copy function in libavcodec/rv34.c in ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2015-8216The ljpeg_decode_yuv_scan function in libavcodec/mjpegdec.c in FFmpeg ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2015-8217The ff_hevc_parse_sps function in libavcodec/hevc_ps.c in FFmpeg ...jessie
CVE-2015-8218The decode_uncompressed function in libavcodec/faxcompr.c in FFmpeg ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2015-8219The init_tile function in libavcodec/jpeg2000dec.c in FFmpeg before ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2015-8363The jpeg2000_read_main_headers function in libavcodec/jpeg2000dec.c in ...jessie
CVE-2015-8364Integer overflow in the ff_ivi_init_planes function in ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2015-8365The smka_decode_frame function in libavcodec/smacker.c in FFmpeg ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2015-8661The h264_slice_header_init function in libavcodec/h264_slice.c in ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2015-8662The ff_dwt_decode function in libavcodec/jpeg2000dwt.c in FFmpeg ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2015-8663The ff_get_buffer function in libavcodec/utils.c in FFmpeg before ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2016-10190Heap-based buffer overflow in libavformat/http.c in FFmpeg before ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2016-10191Heap-based buffer overflow in libavformat/rtmppkt.c in FFmpeg before ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2016-10192Heap-based buffer overflow in ffserver.c in FFmpeg before 2.8.10, ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2016-2329libavcodec/tiff.c in FFmpeg before 2.8.6 does not properly validate ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2016-2330libavcodec/gif.c in FFmpeg before 2.8.6 does not properly calculate a ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2016-5199An off by one error resulting in an allocation of zero size in FFmpeg ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2016-6881The zlib_refill function in libavformat/swfdec.c in FFmpeg before ...jessie, wheezy
CVE-2016-6920Heap-based buffer overflow in the decode_block function in ...jessie, wheezy
linuxCVE-2016-6753An information disclosure vulnerability in kernel components, ...jessie, sid, stretch, wheezy
CVE-2017-0426An information disclosure vulnerability in the Filesystem could enable ...jessie, sid, stretch, wheezy
CVE-2017-0427An elevation of privilege vulnerability in the kernel file system ...jessie, sid, stretch, wheezy
mistralCVE-2017-2622openstack-mistral: /var/log/mistral/ is world readablesid, stretch
monitoring-pluginsCVE-2013-4215The IPXPING_COMMAND in contrib/check_ipxping.c in Nagios Plugins ...jessie, sid, stretch
CVE-2014-4701The check_dhcp plugin in Nagios Plugins before 2.0.2 allows local ...jessie, sid, stretch
CVE-2014-4702The check_icmp plugin in Nagios Plugins before 2.0.2 allows local ...jessie, sid, stretch
CVE-2014-4703lib/parse_ini.c in Nagios Plugins 2.0.2 allows local users to obtain ...jessie, sid, stretch
movabletype-opensourceCVE-2014-5313Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the management page in Six ...wheezy
mplayerCVE-2016-5115The avcodec_decode_audio4 function in libavcodec in libavformat ...sid, stretch, wheezy
netpbm-freeCVE-2017-2579jessie, sid, stretch, wheezy
CVE-2017-2580jessie, sid, stretch, wheezy
CVE-2017-2581jessie, sid, stretch, wheezy
openjdk-6CVE-2008-3112Directory traversal vulnerability in Sun Java Web Start in JDK and JRE ...wheezy
CVE-2009-2675Integer overflow in the unpack200 utility in Sun Java Runtime ...wheezy
CVE-2009-2676Unspecified vulnerability in JNLPAppletlauncher in Sun Java SE, and SE ...wheezy
xbmcCVE-2017-5982local file inclusionjessie, wheezy
xulrunnerCVE-2009-1597Mozilla Firefox executes DOM calls in response to a javascript: URI in ...wheezy
CVE-2009-2065Mozilla Firefox 3.0.10, and possibly other versions, detects http ...wheezy
CVE-2009-4129Race condition in Mozilla Firefox allows remote attackers to produce a ...wheezy
CVE-2009-4130Visual truncation vulnerability in the MakeScriptDialogTitle function ...wheezy
CVE-2009-5017Mozilla Firefox before 3.6 Beta 3 does not properly handle overlong ...wheezy
xulrunnerCVE-2010-0648Mozilla Firefox, possibly before 3.6, allows remote attackers to ...wheezy

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