Information on source package cupsys

Security announcements

DSA / DLADescription
DSA-1933-1cups cupsys - cross-site scripting
DSA-1811-1cups cupsys - denial of service
DSA-1773-1cups cupsys - arbitrary code execution
DSA-1677-1cupsys - arbitrary code execution
DSA-1656-1cupsys - several vulnerabilities
DSA-1625-1cupsys - arbitrary code execution
DSA-1530-1cupsys - multiple vulnerabilities
DSA-1407-1cupsys - buffer overflow with arbitrary code execution
DSA-950-1cupsys - buffer overflow
DSA-645-1cupsys - buffer overflow
DSA-621-1cupsys - buffer overflow
DSA-573-1cupsys - integer overflows
DSA-566-1cupsys - unsanitised input
DSA-545-1cupsys - denial of service
DSA-317cupsys - denial of service
DSA-232cupsys - several vulnerabilities

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