Information on source package ethereal

Security announcements

DSA / DLADescription
DSA-1446-1wireshark denial of service
DSA-1414-1wireshark - several vulnerabilities
DSA-1201-1ethereal - several vulnerabilities
DSA-1171ethereal - several
DSA-1127ethereal - several
DSA-1049-1ethereal - several vulnerabilities
DSA-920-1ethereal - buffer overflow
DSA-853-1ethereal - several
DSA-718-1ethereal - buffer overflow
DSA-653-1ethereal - buffer overflow
DSA-613-1ethereal - infinite loop
DSA-528ethereal - denial of service
DSA-511ethereal - buffer overflows
DSA-407ethereal - buffer overflows
DSA-324ethereal - several vulnerabilities
DSA-313ethereal - buffer overflows, integer overflows
DSA-258ethereal - format string vulnerability
DSA-162ethereal - buffer overflow

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