Information on source package fuse

Available versions

jessie (security)2.9.3-15+deb8u3
stretch (security)2.9.7-1+deb9u1

Resolved issues

CVE-2018-10906In fuse before versions 2.9.8 and 3.x before 3.2.5, fusermount is vuln ...
CVE-2016-1233An unspecified udev rule in the Debian fuse package in jessie before 2 ...
CVE-2015-3202fusermount in FUSE before 2.9.3-15 does not properly clear the environ ...
CVE-2011-0543Certain legacy functionality in fusermount in fuse 2.8.5 and earlier, ...
CVE-2011-0542fusermount in fuse 2.8.5 and earlier does not perform a chdir to / bef ...
CVE-2011-0541fuse 2.8.5 and earlier does not properly handle when /etc/mtab cannot ...
CVE-2010-3879FUSE, possibly 2.8.5 and earlier, allows local users to create mtab en ...
CVE-2010-0789fusermount in FUSE before 2.7.5, and 2.8.x before 2.8.2, allows local ...
CVE-2005-3531fusermount in FUSE before 2.4.1, if installed setuid root, allows loca ...
CVE-2005-1858FUSE 2.x before 2.3.0 does not properly clear previously used memory f ...

Security announcements

DSA / DLADescription
DLA-1468-1fuse - security update
DSA-4257-1fuse - security update
DSA-3451-1fuse - security update
DLA-238-1fuse - security update
DSA-3266-1fuse - security update
DSA-3266-1fuse - security update
DSA-1989-1fuse - denial of service
DSA-1989-1fuse - denial of service
DSA-744-1fuse - programming error

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