Information on source package tinc

Available versions

jessie (security)1.0.24-2.1+deb8u1
stretch (security)1.0.31-1+deb9u1

Resolved issues

CVE-2018-16758Missing message authentication in the meta-protocol in Tinc VPN versio ...
CVE-2018-16738tinc 1.0.30 through 1.0.34 has a broken authentication protocol, altho ...
CVE-2018-16737tinc before 1.0.30 has a broken authentication protocol, without even ...
CVE-2013-1428Stack-based buffer overflow in the receive_tcppacket function in net_p ...
CVE-2002-1755tinc 1.0pre3 and 1.0pre4 VPN does not authenticate forwarded packets, ...
CVE-2001-1505tinc 1.0pre3 and 1.0pre4 allows remote attackers to inject data into u ...

Security announcements

DSA / DLADescription
DSA-4312-1tinc - security update
DLA-1538-1tinc - security update
DSA-2663-1tinc - stack based buffer overflow

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