Information on source package xdg-utils

Available versions

jessie (security)1.1.0~rc1+git20111210-7.4+deb8u1
stretch (security)1.1.1-1+deb9u1

Resolved issues

CVE-2017-18266The open_envvar function in xdg-open in xdg-utils before 1.1.3 does no ...
CVE-2015-1877command injection vulnerability
CVE-2014-9622Eval injection vulnerability in xdg-utils 1.1.0 RC1, when no supported ...
CVE-2009-0068Interaction error in xdg-open allows remote attackers to execute arbit ...
CVE-2008-0386Xdg-utils 1.0.2 and earlier allows user-assisted remote attackers to e ...

Security announcements

DSA / DLADescription
DSA-4211-1xdg-utils - security update
DSA-4211-1xdg-utils - security update
DLA-1384-1xdg-utils - security update
DLA-217-1xdg-utils - security update
DSA-3165-1xdg-utils - security update
DSA-3131-1xdg-utils - security update

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