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CVE-2017-2910An exploitable Out-of-bounds Write vulnerability exists in the xls_add ...check
CVE-2019-18351An issue was discovered in channels/chan_sip.c in Sangoma Asterisk thr ...check with MITRE if CVE-2019-18351 simply should be dropped
CVE-2020-24502Improper input validation in some Intel(R) Ethernet E810 Adapter drive ...checking, might affect src:linux, ice drivers
CVE-2020-24503Insufficient access control in some Intel(R) Ethernet E810 Adapter dri ...checking, might affect src:linux, ice drivers
CVE-2020-24504Uncontrolled resource consumption in some Intel(R) Ethernet E810 Adapt ...checking, might affect src:linux, ice drivers
CVE-2020-25646A flaw was found in Ansible Collection community.crypto. openssl_priva ...check
CVE-2020-25715check details
CVE-2020-27637The R programming language’s default package manager CRAN is aff ...check details
CVE-2020-28141The messaging subsystem in the Online Discussion Forum 1.0 is vulnerab ...check
CVE-2020-28898In QED ResourceXpress through 4.9k, a large numeric or alphanumeric va ...check
CVE-2020-35875An issue was discovered in the tokio-rustls crate before 0.13.1 for Ru ...check
CVE-2020-35922An issue was discovered in the mio crate before 0.7.6 for Rust. It has ...check
CVE-2020-36120Buffer Overflow in the "sixel_encoder_encode_bytes" function of Libsix ...check details
CVE-2020-3702u'Specifically timed and handcrafted traffic can cause internal errors ...check, it might affect src:linux as pointed out in https://lore.kernel.org/linux-wireless/CABvG-CVvPF++0vuGzCrBj8+s=Bcx1GwWfiW1_Somu_GVncTAcQ@mail.gmail.com/
CVE-2020-7851Innorix Web-Based File Transfer Solution versuibs prior to and includi ...check
CVE-2021-20206An improper limitation of path name flaw was found in containernetwork ...check details, impact on docker.io?
CVE-2021-20220A flaw was found in Undertow. A regression in the fix for CVE-2020-106 ...CVE for incomplete fix for CVE-2020-10687 but not clear if affected any Debian released version
CVE-2021-20291A deadlock vulnerability was found in 'github.com/containers/storage' ...check golang-github-containers-buildah, docker.io, golang-github-containers-storage
CVE-2021-20310RESERVEDCheck whether specific to IM7
CVE-2021-20313Cipher leak when the calculating signatures in TransformSignatureof MagickCore/signature.ccheck if specific to IM7
CVE-2021-24028An invalid free in Thrift's table-based serialization can cause the ap ...check
CVE-2021-25314A Creation of Temporary File With Insecure Permissions vulnerability i ...check
CVE-2021-27905The ReplicationHandler (normally registered at "/replication" under a ...check details
CVE-2021-29453matrix-media-repo is an open-source multi-domain media repository for ...check
CVE-2021-31347An issue was discovered in libezxml.a in ezXML 0.8.6. The function ezx ...check
CVE-2021-31348An issue was discovered in libezxml.a in ezXML 0.8.6. The function ezx ...check
CVE-2021-3283HashiCorp Nomad and Nomad Enterprise up to 0.12.9 exec and java task d ...check details
TEMP-0000000-DD73A0Unexpected database bindings via requests (follow-up)check php-illuminate-database and CVE assignment

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