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CVE-2011-2844Google Chrome before 14.0.835.163 does not properly process MP3 files, ...check ffmpeg, http://src.chromium.org/viewvc/chrome?view=rev&revision=88382
CVE-2011-2896The LZW decompressor in the LWZReadByte function in giftoppm.c in the ...There's more: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=CVE-2011-2896
CVE-2011-3923struts ParameterInterceptor remote code executioncheck
CVE-2011-5034Apache Geronimo 2.2.1 and earlier computes hash values for form ...check
CVE-2013-1442Xen 4.0 through 4.3.x, when using AVX or LWP capable CPUs, does not ...check, see NOTE
CVE-2013-3630Moodle through 2.5.2 allows remote authenticated administrators to ...check, bug is currently private
CVE-2013-4701Auth/Yadis/XML.php in PHP OpenID Library 2.2.2 and earlier allows ...check, potentially also simplesamlphp, typo3-src and wordpress-openid (including a Auth/Yadis/XML.php in source)
CVE-2013-6933The parseRTSPRequestString function in Live Networks Live555 Streaming ...request binnmus
CVE-2014-0181Linux network reconfiguration due to incorrect netlink checkscheck, details are missing from oss-security post
CVE-2014-0341Multiple cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in PivotX before ...check
CVE-2014-0342Multiple unrestricted file upload vulnerabilities in fileupload.php in ...check
CVE-2014-0358Multiple directory traversal vulnerabilities in Xangati XSR before 11 ...check
CVE-2014-0359Xangati XSR before 11 and XNR before 7 allows remote attackers to ...check
CVE-2014-2734Ruby OpenSSL private key spoofingcheck
TEMP-0745580-D90EF4Insecure default permissions for ~/.virtualenvs and scriptsverify

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