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CVE-2016-20013sha256crypt and sha512crypt through 0.6 allow attackers to cause a den ...check, several sources (busybox, sssd, dietlibc, php*, ...) do embed an implentation of the code, but only track those with security impact
CVE-2022-2719Assertion Failure could lead to DoS due to attempted writing of NULL image listcheck if ImageMagick6 is affected and so src:imagemagick
CVE-2022-23639crossbeam-utils provides atomics, synchronization primitives, scoped t ...check, crossbeam-utils are vendored in various other sources, in particular rustc to be checked
CVE-2022-31031PJSIP is a free and open source multimedia communication library writt ...check impact for src:asterisk and src:ring and update entry
CVE-2022-34943Laravel v5.1 was discovered to contain a remote code execution (RCE) v ...check, unclear if upstream reported

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