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CVE-2017-11750The ReadOneJNGImage function in coders/png.c in ImageMagick 6.9.9-4 and ...check if patch simplifying patch applied in any suite
CVE-2017-18220The ReadOneJNGImage and ReadJNGImage functions in coders/png.c in ...check, needs clarification, the issue is CloseBlob use-after-free
CVE-2017-7893In SaltStack Salt before 2016.3.6, compromised salt-minions can ...check, pinpoint fixing version, check with maintainers on issue
CVE-2018-0765A denial of service vulnerability exists when .NET and .NET Core ...check, can potentially affect mono packages
CVE-2018-10780Exiv2::Image::byteSwap2 in image.cpp in Exiv2 0.26 has a heap-based ...check, there is same function in byteSwap2 in earlier versions than 0.26
CVE-2018-13818Twig before 2.4.4 allows Server-Side Template Injection (SSTI) via the ...check, details
CVE-2018-5360LibTIFF before 4.0.6 mishandles the reading of TIFF files, as ...claimed to be fixed in latest libtiff, but no idication yet which changes adresses the issue
CVE-2018-8011By specially crafting HTTP requests, the mod_md challenge handler ...check, should affect only the specific 2.4.33 version (unless issue backported)
CVE-2018-9246The PGObject::Util::DBAdmin module before 0.120.0 for Perl, as used in ...check if set of commits complete

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