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CVE-2021-32862The GitHub Security Lab discovered sixteen ways to exploit a cross-sit ...check details, schould affect src:nbconvert
CVE-2021-37819PDF Labs pdftk-java v3.2.3 was discovered to contain an infinite loop ...check impact on other sources embedding lowagie/text/pdf/PdfReader.java
CVE-2022-23538github.com/sylabs/scs-library-client is the Go client for the Singular ...check details, might as well affect golang-github-apptainer-container-library-client
CVE-2022-25927Versions of the package ua-parser-js from 0.7.30 and before 0.7.33, fr ...check, the ReDoS issue seems still present in 0.8.1+ds+~0.7.36-2 altough this is said to contain the fix
CVE-2022-37708Docker version 20.10.15, build fd82621 is vulnerable to Insecure Permi ...check, seems like a negligible security impact issue, and might be marked unimportant

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