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CVE-2018-16981stb stb_image.h 2.19, as used in catimg, Emscripten, and other product ...further check, stb_image.h in older version is embedded in src:catimg
CVE-2018-18653The Linux kernel, as used in Ubuntu 18.10 and when booted with UEFI Se ...check, this should be very Ubuntu specific, but it is introduced with the out-of-tree patch from the Lockdown patchset https://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel/ubuntu/+source/linux/+git/cosmic/commit/?id=03c7de9e956395f3b36f86f89b62780ad9501eef and so possibly affect our kernel as well in some way.
CVE-2019-10219A vulnerability was found in Hibernate-Validator. The SafeHtml validat ...20190910: Asked for more information in #1738673. (apo)
CVE-2019-12107The upnp_event_prepare function in upnpevents.c in MiniUPnP MiniUPnPd ...check, might affect minidlna
CVE-2019-12422Apache Shiro before 1.4.2, when using the default "remember me" config ...check details on fix
CVE-2019-14493An issue was discovered in OpenCV before 4.1.1. There is a NULL pointe ...check if the old code though is really affected, might been introduced with the refactoring
CVE-2019-14855WoT forgeries using SHA-1check for details, possibly more commits?
CVE-2019-15486django-js-reverse (aka Django JS Reverse) before 0.9.1 has XSS via js_ ...check, might actually only have been introduced in upstream v0.9.0 with commits around 9850b675e3d988341c05302df236a560f7985184
CVE-2019-19590In radare2 through 4.0, there is an integer overflow for the variable ...check details
CVE-2019-19601OpenDetex 2.8.5 has a Buffer Overflow in TexOpen in detex.l because of ...check affected, detex is embedded in src;texlive-bin bun unclear which versions affected.
CVE-2019-9946Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) CNI (Container Networking Int ...singularity-container seems to embed as well a copy of cni

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