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CVE-2022-3261A flaw was found in OpenStack. Multiple components show plain-text pas ...check, unclear which OpenStack components affected, from https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2128834
CVE-2022-23538github.com/sylabs/scs-library-client is the Go client for the Singular ...check details, might as well affect golang-github-apptainer-container-library-client
CVE-2022-48570Crypto++ through 8.4 contains a timing side channel in ECDSA signature ...check details on upstream fix (in 8.4?)
CVE-2023-26044react/http is an event-driven, streaming HTTP client and server implem ...check, is embedded inicinga-php-thirdparty, icingaweb2-module-reactbundle possibly affected
CVE-2023-37543Cacti before 1.2.6 allows IDOR (Insecure Direct Object Reference) for ...check details once GHSA-4x82-8w8m-w8hj accessible, 1.2.6 does not seem correct, reporter claims 1.2.25 wich is not released
CVE-2023-41915OpenPMIx PMIx before 4.2.6 and 5.0.x before 5.0.1 allows attackers to ...to be checked if affects the embedded copy for openmpi

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