Information on source package gajim

Available versions

jessie (security)0.16-1+deb8u2

Resolved issues

TEMP-0325080-CF0752user password file created by gajim is world-readable
CVE-2016-10376Gajim through 0.16.7 unconditionally implements the "XEP-0146: Remote ...
CVE-2015-8688Gajim before 0.16.5 allows remote attackers to modify the roster and i ...
CVE-2012-5524The _ssl_verify_callback function in in Gajim before 0.15.3 ...
CVE-2012-2093src/common/ in Gajim 0.15 allows local users to overwrite arbi ...
CVE-2012-2086SQL injection vulnerability in the get_last_conversation_lines functio ...
CVE-2012-2085The exec_command function in common/ in Gajim before 0.15 al ...

Security announcements

DSA / DLADescription
DSA-3943-1gajim - security update
DLA-967-1gajim - security update
DSA-3492-2gajim - regression update
DSA-3492-1gajim - security update
DSA-3492-1gajim - security update
DLA-413-1gajim - security update
DSA-2453-2gajim - regression
DSA-2453-1gajim - several

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