Information on source package liblivemedia

Available versions

jessie (security)2014.01.13-1+deb8u3
stretch (security)2016.11.28-1+deb9u2

Open issues

CVE-2019-7733vulnerable (no DSA, postponed)vulnerable (no DSA)vulnerablevulnerableIn Live555 0.95, there is a buffer overflow via a large integer in a C ...

Open unimportant issues

CVE-2019-7732vulnerablevulnerablevulnerablevulnerableIn Live555 0.95, a setup packet can cause a memory leak leading to DoS ...

Resolved issues

CVE-2019-9215In Live555 before 2019.02.27, malformed headers lead to invalid memory ...
CVE-2019-7314liblivemedia in Live555 before 2019.02.03 mishandles the termination o ...
CVE-2019-6256A Denial of Service issue was discovered in the LIVE555 Streaming Medi ...
CVE-2018-4013An exploitable code execution vulnerability exists in the HTTP packet- ...
CVE-2013-6934The parseRTSPRequestString function in Live Networks Live555 Streaming ...
CVE-2013-6933The parseRTSPRequestString function in Live Networks Live555 Streaming ...

Security announcements

DSA / DLADescription
DLA-1720-1liblivemedia - security update
DSA-4408-1liblivemedia - security update
DLA-1690-1liblivemedia - security update
DSA-4343-1liblivemedia - security update
DLA-1582-1liblivemedia - security update
DSA-3156-1liblivemedia - security update

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