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TEMP-0682869-4EFB12insecure default configuration / authentication bypass
CVE-2017-6188Munin before 2.999.6 has a local file write vulnerability when CGI gra ...
CVE-2013-6359Munin::Master::Node in Munin before 2.0.18 allows remote attackers to ...
CVE-2013-6048The get_group_tree function in lib/Munin/Master/ in Munin ...
CVE-2012-4678munin-cgi-graph for Munin 2.0 rc4 does not delete temporary files, whi ...
CVE-2012-3513munin-cgi-graph in Munin before 2.0.6, when running as a CGI module un ...
CVE-2012-3512Munin before 2.0.6 stores plugin state files that run as root in the s ...
CVE-2012-2147munin-cgi-graph in Munin 2.0 rc4 allows remote attackers to cause a de ...
CVE-2012-2104cgi-bin/munin-cgi-graph in Munin 2.x writes data to a log file without ...
CVE-2012-2103The qmailscan plugin for Munin 1.4.5 allows local users to overwrite a ...

Security announcements

DSA / DLADescription
DSA-3794-3munin - regression update
DLA-836-2munin - regression update
DSA-3794-2munin - regression update
DSA-3794-1munin - security update
DLA-836-1munin - security update
DLA-20-1munin - security update
DSA-2815-1munin - denial of service

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