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Resolved issues

CVE-2020-10188utility.c in telnetd in netkit telnet through 0.17 allows remote attac ...
CVE-2005-0469Buffer overflow in the slc_add_reply function in various BSD-based Tel ...
CVE-2004-0998Format string vulnerability in telnetd-ssl 0.17 and earlier allows rem ...
CVE-2004-0911telnetd for netkit 0.17 and earlier, and possibly other versions, on D ...
CVE-2004-0640Format string vulnerability in the SSL_set_verify function in telnetd. ...

Security announcements

DSA / DLADescription
DSA-699-1netkit-telnet-ssl - buffer overflow
DSA-616-1telnetd-ssl - format string
DSA-569-1netkit-telnet-ssl - invalid free(3)
DSA-529netkit-telnet-ssl - format string

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