Candidates for DTSAs

The table below lists packages which are fixed in unstable, but unfixed in testing. Use the testing migration checker to find out why they have not entered testing yet.

batikcheckCVE-2022-38398not yet assignedno
CVE-2022-38648not yet assignedno
CVE-2022-40146not yet assignedno
firefox-esrcheckCVE-2022-40956not yet assigned?(fixed in stable?)
CVE-2022-40957not yet assigned?(fixed in stable?)
CVE-2022-40958not yet assigned?(fixed in stable?)
CVE-2022-40959not yet assigned?(fixed in stable?)
CVE-2022-40960not yet assigned?(fixed in stable?)
CVE-2022-40962not yet assigned?(fixed in stable?)
gitcheckCVE-2022-24765not yet assignedno
harfbuzzcheckCVE-2022-33068not yet assignedno
knot-resolvercheckCVE-2022-40188not yet assignedno
linuxcheckCVE-2022-2663not yet assignedno
CVE-2022-40307not yet assignedno
php8.1checkCVE-2022-31625not yet assignedno
CVE-2022-31626not yet assignedno
redischeckCVE-2022-35951not yet assignedno
shimcheckCVE-2022-28737not yet assigned?
thunderbirdcheckCVE-2022-40956not yet assigned?
CVE-2022-40957not yet assigned?
CVE-2022-40958not yet assigned?
CVE-2022-40959not yet assigned?
CVE-2022-40960not yet assigned?
CVE-2022-40962not yet assigned?
u-bootcheckCVE-2022-30552not yet assignedno
CVE-2022-30767not yet assignedno
CVE-2022-30790not yet assignedno
CVE-2022-33103not yet assignedno
CVE-2022-33967not yet assignedno
CVE-2022-34835not yet assignedno
webkit2gtkcheckCVE-2022-32886not yet assignedno

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