Candidates for DTSAs

The table below lists packages which are fixed in unstable, but unfixed in testing. Use the testing migration checker to find out why they have not entered testing yet.

chromiumcheckCVE-2020-6423not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6430not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6431not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6432not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6433not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6434not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6435not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6436not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6437not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6438not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6439not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6440not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6441not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6442not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6443not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6444not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6445not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6446not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6447not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6448not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6454not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6455not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-6456not yet assigned?
firefox-esrcheckCVE-2020-6819not yet assigned?(fixed in stable?)
CVE-2020-6820not yet assigned?(fixed in stable?)
CVE-2020-6821not yet assigned?(fixed in stable?)
CVE-2020-6822not yet assigned?(fixed in stable?)
CVE-2020-6825not yet assigned?(fixed in stable?)
libpam-krb5checkCVE-2020-10595not yet assignedno(fixed in stable?)
libsshcheckCVE-2020-1730not yet assigned?
linuxcheckCVE-2019-19769not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-0009not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-0067not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-10942not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-2732not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-8647not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-8648not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-8649not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-8835not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-8992not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-9383not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-9391not yet assignedno
memcachedcheckCVE-2020-10931not yet assignedno
nettycheckCVE-2020-11612not yet assignedno
pillowcheckCVE-2019-19911not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-5310not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-5311not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-5312not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-5313not yet assignedno
thunderbirdcheckCVE-2019-20503not yet assignedno(fixed in stable?)
CVE-2020-6805not yet assignedno(fixed in stable?)
CVE-2020-6806not yet assignedno(fixed in stable?)
CVE-2020-6807not yet assignedno(fixed in stable?)
CVE-2020-6811not yet assignedno(fixed in stable?)
CVE-2020-6812not yet assignedno(fixed in stable?)
CVE-2020-6814not yet assignedno(fixed in stable?)

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