Candidates for DTSAs

The table below lists packages which are fixed in unstable, but unfixed in testing. Use the testing migration checker to find out why they have not entered testing yet.

firefox-esrcheckCVE-2022-46871not yet assignedno(fixed in stable?)
CVE-2022-46877not yet assignedno(fixed in stable?)
CVE-2023-23598not yet assigned?(fixed in stable?)
CVE-2023-23601not yet assigned?(fixed in stable?)
CVE-2023-23602not yet assigned?(fixed in stable?)
CVE-2023-23603not yet assigned?(fixed in stable?)
CVE-2023-23605not yet assigned?(fixed in stable?)
gitcheckCVE-2022-23521not yet assignedno
CVE-2022-41903not yet assignedno
linuxcheckCVE-2022-3707not yet assigned?
CVE-2022-47929not yet assignedno
CVE-2023-0179not yet assigned?
CVE-2023-0210not yet assigned?
CVE-2023-0266not yet assigned?
CVE-2023-0394not yet assignedno
CVE-2023-23454not yet assignedno
CVE-2023-23455not yet assignedno
nvidia-graphics-drivers (non-free)checkCVE-2022-34673not yet assignedno
CVE-2022-42265not yet assignedno
redischeckCVE-2022-35977not yet assignedno
CVE-2023-22458not yet assignedno
redminecheckCVE-2022-44030not yet assignedno
CVE-2022-44031not yet assignedno
CVE-2022-44637not yet assignedno
shimcheckCVE-2022-28737not yet assigned?
thunderbirdcheckCVE-2022-46871not yet assignedno
CVE-2022-46877not yet assignedno
CVE-2023-23598not yet assigned?
CVE-2023-23601not yet assigned?
CVE-2023-23602not yet assigned?
CVE-2023-23603not yet assigned?
CVE-2023-23605not yet assigned?

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