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Open issues

CVE-2021-3670vulnerable (no DSA)fixedMaxQueryDuration not honoured in Samba AD DC LDAP

Resolved issues

CVE-2021-20277A flaw was found in Samba's libldb. Multiple, consecutive leading spac ...
CVE-2020-27840A flaw was found in samba. Spaces used in a string around a domain nam ...
CVE-2020-10730A NULL pointer dereference, or possible use-after-free flaw was found ...
CVE-2019-3824A flaw was found in the way an LDAP search expression could crash the ...
CVE-2015-5330ldb before 1.1.24, as used in the AD LDAP server in Samba 4.x before 4 ...
CVE-2015-3223The ldb_wildcard_compare function in ldb_match.c in ldb before 1.1.24, ...

Security announcements

DSA / DLADescription
DSA-4884-1ldb - security update
DLA-2611-1ldb - security update
DLA-1699-1ldb - security update
DSA-4397-1ldb - security update

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