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Open unimportant issues

CVE-2008-5367vulnerablevulnerablevulnerablevulnerableip-up in ppp-udeb 2.4.4rel on Debian GNU/Linux allows local users to o ...
CVE-2008-5366vulnerablevulnerablevulnerablevulnerableThe postinst script in ppp 2.4.4rel on Debian GNU/Linux allows local u ...

Resolved issues

CVE-2020-15704The modprobe child process in the ./debian/patches/load_ppp_generic_if ...
CVE-2020-8597eap.c in pppd in ppp 2.4.2 through 2.4.8 has an rhostname buffer overf ...
CVE-2018-11574Improper input validation together with an integer overflow in the EAP ...
CVE-2015-3310Buffer overflow in the rc_mksid function in plugins/radius/util.c in P ...
CVE-2014-3158Integer overflow in the getword function in options.c in pppd in Paul' ...
CVE-2006-2194The winbind plugin in pppd for ppp 2.4.4 and earlier does not check th ...
CVE-2004-1002Integer underflow in pppd in cbcp.c for ppp 2.4.1 allows remote attack ...

Security announcements

DSA / DLADescription
DSA-4632-1ppp - security update
DLA-2097-1ppp - security update
DLA-205-1ppp - security update
DSA-3228-1ppp - security update
DSA-3079-1ppp - security update
DLA-74-1ppp - security update
DSA-1106ppp - programming error

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