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CVE-2023-36661Shibboleth XMLTooling before 3.2.4, as used in OpenSAML and Shibboleth ...
CVE-2019-9628The XMLTooling library all versions prior to V3.0.4, provided with the ...
CVE-2018-0489Shibboleth XMLTooling-C before 1.6.4, as used in Shibboleth Service Pr ...
CVE-2018-0486Shibboleth XMLTooling-C before 1.6.3, as used in Shibboleth Service Pr ...
CVE-2015-0851XMLTooling-C before 1.5.5, as used in OpenSAML-C and Shibboleth Servic ...
CVE-2009-3476Buffer overflow in OpenSAML before 1.1.3 as used in Internet2 Shibbole ...
CVE-2009-3475Internet2 Shibboleth Service Provider software 1.3.x before 1.3.3 and ...
CVE-2009-3474OpenSAML 2.x before 2.2.1 and XMLTooling 1.x before 1.2.1, as used by ...

Security announcements

DSA / DLADescription
DLA-3464-1xmltooling - security update
DSA-5432-1xmltooling - security update
DLA-1710-1xmltooling - security update
DSA-4407-1xmltooling - security update
DLA-1296-1xmltooling - security update
DSA-4126-1xmltooling - security update
DLA-1242-1xmltooling - security update
DSA-4085-1xmltooling - security update
DLA-290-1xmltooling - security update
DSA-3321-1xmltooling - security update
DSA-1895-1xmltooling - potential code execution

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