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CVE-2021-33367vulnerable (no DSA)vulnerable (no DSA)vulnerable (no DSA)vulnerableBuffer Overflow vulnerability in Freeimage v3.18.0 allows attacker to ...
CVE-2019-12214vulnerable (no DSA, postponed)vulnerable (no DSA, postponed)vulnerable (no DSA, postponed)vulnerableIn FreeImage 3.18.0, an out-of-bounds access occurs because of mishand ...
CVE-2019-12212vulnerable (no DSA, postponed)vulnerable (no DSA, postponed)vulnerable (no DSA, postponed)vulnerableWhen FreeImage 3.18.0 reads a special JXR file, the StreamCalcIFDSize ...

Resolved issues

CVE-2019-12213When FreeImage 3.18.0 reads a special TIFF file, the TIFFReadDirectory ...
CVE-2019-12211When FreeImage 3.18.0 reads a tiff file, it will be handed to the Load ...
CVE-2016-5684An exploitable out-of-bounds write vulnerability exists in the XMP ima ...
CVE-2015-3885Integer overflow in the ljpeg_start function in dcraw 7.00 and earlier ...
CVE-2015-0852Multiple integer underflows in PluginPCX.cpp in FreeImage 3.17.0 and e ...

Security announcements

DSA / DLADescription
DSA-4593-1freeimage - security update
DLA-2031-1freeimage - security update
DSA-3692-1freeimage - security update
DLA-647-1freeimage - security update
DSA-3392-1freeimage - security update
DLA-327-1freeimage - security update

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