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CVE-2017-1000211vulnerable (no DSA)fixedfixedfixedLynx before 2.8.9dev.16 is vulnerable to a use after free in the HTML ...

Resolved issues

TEMP-0532514-9137E0predictable random number generator used in web browsers
CVE-2016-9179lynx: It was found that Lynx doesn't parse the authority component of ...
CVE-2008-4690lynx 2.8.6dev.15 and earlier, when advanced mode is enabled and lynx i ...
CVE-2006-7234Untrusted search path vulnerability in Lynx before 2.8.6rel.4 allows l ...
CVE-2005-3120Stack-based buffer overflow in the HTrjis function in Lynx 2.8.6 and e ...
CVE-2005-2929Lynx 2.8.5, and other versions before 2.8.6dev.15, allows remote attac ...
CVE-2004-1617Lynx, lynx-ssl, and lynx-cur before 2.8.6dev.8 allow remote attackers ...
CVE-2002-1405CRLF injection vulnerability in Lynx 2.8.4 and earlier allows remote a ...

Security announcements

DSA / DLADescription
DSA-1076-1lynx - programming error
DSA-876-1lynx-ssl - buffer overflow
DSA-874-1lynx - buffer overflow
DSA-210lynx - CRLF injection

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