Information on source package nspr

Available versions

jessie (security)2:4.12-1+debu8u1

Resolved issues

TEMP-0000000-583651nspr, nss: unprotected environment variables
CVE-2016-1951Multiple integer overflows in io/prprf.c in Mozilla Netscape Portable ...
CVE-2015-7183Integer overflow in the PL_ARENA_ALLOCATE implementation in Netscape P ...
CVE-2014-1545Mozilla Netscape Portable Runtime (NSPR) before 4.10.6 allows remote a ...
CVE-2013-5607Integer overflow in the PL_ArenaAllocate function in Mozilla Netscape ...
CVE-2009-2463Multiple integer overflows in the (1) PL_Base64Decode and (2) PL_Base6 ...
CVE-2009-0689Array index error in the (1) dtoa implementation in dtoa.c (aka pdtoa. ...

Security announcements

DSA / DLADescription
DLA-676-1nspr - security update
DSA-3687-1nspr - security update
DLA-513-1nspr - security update
DSA-3406-1nspr - security update
DSA-3406-1nspr - security update
DLA-344-1nspr - security update
DLA-32-1nspr - security update
DSA-2962-1nspr - security update
DSA-2820-1nspr - integer overflow
DSA-2820-1nspr - integer overflow
DSA-1931-1nspr - several vulnerabilities

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