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CVE-2022-26496In nbd-server in nbd before 3.24, there is a stack-based buffer overfl ...
CVE-2022-26495In nbd-server in nbd before 3.24, there is an integer overflow with a ...
CVE-2015-0847nbd-server.c in Network Block Device (nbd-server) before 3.11 does not ...
CVE-2013-7441The modern style negotiation in Network Block Device (nbd-server) 2.9. ...
CVE-2013-6410nbd-server in Network Block Device (nbd) before 3.5 does not properly ...
CVE-2011-1925nbd-server.c in Network Block Device (nbd-server) 2.9.21 allows remote ...
CVE-2011-0530Buffer overflow in the mainloop function in nbd-server.c in the server ...
CVE-2005-3534Buffer overflow in the Network Block Device (nbd) server 2.7.5 and ear ...

Security announcements

DSA / DLADescription
DSA-5100-1nbd - security update
DLA-2944-1nbd - security update
DSA-3271-1nbd - security update
DLA-223-1nbd - security update
DSA-2806-1nbd - privilege escalation
DSA-2183-1nbd - arbitrary code execution
DSA-924-1nbd - buffer overflow

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