Information on source package inspircd

Available versions

stretch (security)2.0.23-2+deb9u1
buster (security)2.0.27-1+deb10u1

Open issues

CVE-2020-25269fixedfixedvulnerablevulnerableAn issue was discovered in InspIRCd 2 before 2.0.29 and 3 before 3.6.0 ...

Resolved issues

CVE-2019-20918An issue was discovered in InspIRCd 3 before 3.1.0. The silence module ...
CVE-2019-20917An issue was discovered in InspIRCd 2 before 2.0.28 and 3 before 3.3.0 ...
CVE-2016-7142The m_sasl module in InspIRCd before 2.0.23, when used with a service ...
CVE-2015-8702The DNS::GetResult function in dns.cpp in InspIRCd before 2.0.19 allow ...
CVE-2015-6674Buffer underflow vulnerability in the Debian inspircd package before 2 ...
CVE-2012-6697InspIRCd before 2.0.7 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of ser ...
CVE-2012-6696inspircd in Debian before 2.0.7 does not properly handle unsigned inte ...
CVE-2012-1836Heap-based buffer overflow in dns.cpp in InspIRCd 2.0.5 might allow re ...
CVE-2008-1925Buffer overflow in InspIRCd before 1.1.18, when using the namesx and u ...

Security announcements

DSA / DLADescription
DLA-2375-1inspircd - security update
DSA-4764-1inspircd - security update
DSA-3662-1inspircd - security update
DSA-3527-1inspircd - security update
DLA-384-1inspircd - security update
DLA-276-1inspircd - security update
DSA-3226-1inspircd - security update
DSA-2448-1inspircd - buffer overflow

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