Vulnerable source packages among backports for stable

Note that the list below is based on source packages. This means that packages are not listed here once a new, fixed source version has been uploaded to the archive, even if there are still some vulnerable binary packages present in the archive.

cockpitCVE-2021-3698not yet assigned?
golang-1.16CVE-2021-29923not yet assignedno
linuxCVE-2013-7445not yet assignedno
CVE-2019-15213not yet assignedno
CVE-2019-15794not yet assignedno
CVE-2019-16089not yet assignedno
CVE-2019-19378not yet assignedno
CVE-2019-19449not yet assignedno
CVE-2019-19814not yet assignedno
CVE-2019-20794not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-12362not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-12363not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-12364not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-14304not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-15802not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-26555not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-26556not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-26557not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-26559not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-26560not yet assignedno
CVE-2021-3640not yet assigned?
CVE-2021-3669not yet assigned?
CVE-2021-3744not yet assigned?
CVE-2021-3752not yet assigned?
CVE-2021-3759not yet assigned?
CVE-2021-3764not yet assigned?
CVE-2021-3772not yet assigned?
CVE-2021-3847not yet assigned?
CVE-2021-3892not yet assigned?
CVE-2021-4001not yet assigned?
CVE-2021-4002not yet assigned?
CVE-2021-4028not yet assigned?
CVE-2021-20321not yet assigned?
CVE-2021-41864not yet assignedno
CVE-2021-42327not yet assignedno
CVE-2021-42739not yet assignedno
CVE-2021-43056not yet assignedno
CVE-2021-43267not yet assignedno
CVE-2021-43389not yet assignedno
CVE-2021-43975not yet assignedno
CVE-2021-43976not yet assignedno
openvswitchCVE-2021-36980not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-14394not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-25741not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-25742not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-25743not yet assignedno
CVE-2020-35503not yet assignedno
CVE-2021-3507not yet assignedno
CVE-2021-3611not yet assigned?
CVE-2021-3735not yet assigned?
CVE-2021-3750not yet assigned?
CVE-2021-3930not yet assigned?
CVE-2021-3947not yet assigned?
CVE-2021-20196not yet assignedno
CVE-2021-20203not yet assignedno
CVE-2021-20255not yet assignedno
suricataCVE-2021-37592not yet assignedno

If a "**" is included, the urgency field was automatically assigned by the NVD (National Vulnerability Database). Note that this rating is automatically derived from a set of known factors about the issue (such as access complexity, confidentiality impact, exploitability, remediation level, and others). Human intervention is involved in determining the values of these factors, but the rating itself comes from a fully automated formula.

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